The Trace You Left (Ella Ordona)


Handbound artist’s books, a nightgown

Edition: 10

7.5 x 5.5 x 0.4 in. each

The Trace You Left

I have been welcomed into someone’s home—the most intimate shelter— and permitted to carefully and meticulously explore their possessions. Upon entering, I am offered a glass of water. 

The woman’s name is Ella, and it is through a conversation concerning her belongings that I come to better understand her character. Objects are imbued with personality and memory; they are the personification of the owner. 

I requested her to select an item of fabric to relinquish for the cover of the book; in this particular instance, she has chosen her nightgown. In capturing her possessions on 35mm film and hand binding this book, I hope to extend the tactile quality of objects to this portrait.